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The Time Cost for Configurating a Vision Inspection Model is Too High

Time Consuming Task 1:
Data Collection Period

The discrepancy between the production schedule and the application schedule of vision inspection is due to the difficulty in collecting defective data.

Time Consuming Task 2:
Production Process Relocation Time

Difficulty in making changes due to specialized equipment.

One week,

The time required for inspection.

30 days

Simple re-organization with the modular equipment

30 day

Use of easily accessible normal data

30 days

Scaled Data + Generated Data + Normal Data are utilized for the inspection model

Reduction in Preparation Costs

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Improved Quality

Improved Quality

Accelerated production process changes

Accelerated production process changes

Securing Defects

Reduced costs

Securing Defects

Reduced costs

Accelerated inspection model development time

Accelerated inspection model development time

About Us

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At CREFLE Inc., we utilize artificial intelligence to analyze visual data to solve existing problems within the manufacturing industry. We provide software and hardware solutions for vision inspection and robotic manipulators in automated factories.

We aim to lead human-friendly technology to benefit our people and our society.



Modular equipment

An automation inspection equipment
using JANUS solution

About JANUS solution

Just as JANUS symbolizes the past and the future, our JANUS solution can learn patterns from past data and predict future outcomes.

Past data

Predict future

Vision Trainer


A training solution that can identify patterns based on past information



An inspection solution that inspects products to detect defects and identify their causes



A preprocessing solution that optimizes data for inspection

Modular Equipment

Solution for efficient process changes, removals, additions, and management

Experience CREFLE's vision solution.